Viva Las Vegas 2013


It’s 6 shiny weeks until Viva Las Vegas – the world’s biggest rockabilly festival held in, er, Las Vegas, and I was revisiting pictures from the first time I went (2013) for style inspiration.

Viva Las Vegas is actually THE BEST thing I’ve ever been to. And even that is an understatement. It’s a 3 day party in the city of sin, with the most amazing clothes, music, cars, shopping and fun stuff to do. It’s like a hula party on crack – and I ADORE it.

Which is why it’s bizarre that I took some really goddamn awful pictures at the event. Like comedically bad. So I thought I’d share, along with explanations for my photographic decisions, which can mostly be explained by tequila. Prepare to be underwhelmed…..

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I lost my Hemsby Rock N Roll Weekender virginity last year and it was amazing. Armed with my bezzie Marie, we traipsed to Norfolk for a weekend of shopping, drinking and dressing up – rockabilly style! Here’s my review over at – but there’s also a shitload of pictures and vintage style credits and inspiration below!

Biker jacker – LA (similar here at Hobbs up to size 18)
Dress – Actual hawaiian shop in Honolulu (similar here from Collectif up to size 22.)
Make up – ALL OF IT.


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