kendrick beauty backlash

There’s a lot of shit going down with Kendrick Lamar’s new video. A big feminist backlash against what he persumably thought was a good thing for wimmin kind everywhere!

I want to prefix this by saying I think Kendrick is – generally speaking – fucking incredible. And he’s always been vocal about issues within his own Compton community especially (and there’s a piece here explaining how he’s done loads for Black america with his music and the stuff he calls out) but part of his new video – mentioning beauty ideals – is flippant as fuck.

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So, I was having a friendly convo about the differences between black and white feminism (in relation to the recent marches and the picture, above) with my buddy, journalist and sex educator Alix Fox on Facebook.

It was super casual, and then Marie Claire asked for us to expand it feature because it was an exploration of the things people are thinking but aren’t saying but in a kind way. That last part is key,  we should all be helping to educate each other on what’s happening in the world and how people are feeling. Discussions are good! So, if you fancy a read, here’s the link to the original on – and here’s the article below:


ANITA: After the recent Women’s March there have been a few pictures doing the rounds – like this one where a WOC marcher holds a sign saying “Don’t forget White Women voted for Trump” while in the background three white girls with pussy hats take selfies. This picture says a lot for me, and it’s not just about the marches but a wider perspective on race and feminism right now. In my opinion, those three white women look like they’re having a bit of a crack at feminism, just for fun, so they can make themselves look good on social media. Whilst the woman of colour at the front is saying it as it truly is.

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