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Creeper – not as serious as they look….

Guys – the rock/metal/punk community is jizzing it’s collective pants over these guys. Why? Because they’re fun, experimental, concepty – fun and theatrical in the very best way. I’ve just reviewed their new record Eternity, In Your Arms and it’s SICK AF. You need to check them out – please. For me. I’ve just reviewed this for NME – and can tell you it’s all kinds of awesome.

Here’s what You Tube thinks if you don’t believe me about how rad they are:



WHY SHOULD I CLICK PLAY? Because you need goth-punk lols. You do, you know you do. And also – GOTHLYFE
SOUNDS LIKE: Gothy, punk joy. Elements of loads of bands – everyone from The Misfits through to Calabrese, Meatloaf and My Chemical Romance. Yep. For REALZ.
THE DETAILS: Their new album Eternity In Your Arms, comes out on THIS WEEK – 24th March.


New single: Black Rain:

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Mia Klose is a singer, songwriter, artist and stylist. I’ve known her for years and back in the day we used to tear up the streets of Camden and Soho looking like extras from a Poison video. Actually more Motley Crue… but anyway, Mia is  lovely Swedish lady that has always had her own incredible look and approach to beauty/style. She’s always given zero fucks about trends and done her own thing – and I find that an endlessly admirable quality in a human. And she’s a killer singer too! So here she is, in her own words.

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WHY SHOULD I CLICK PLAY? This. Voice. Dreamy AF. I’m a metalhead and still think he’s insanely talented.
SOUNDS LIKE: Ed Sheeran – and well, other male singer-songwriters. But ALL the soul.
DETAILS: He’s 22, from North London, self taught pianist/gutarist and really fun on Insta. He’s already been working with producers like Kaytranada and Wookie. Big things are coming.
WHAT ELSE: He’s better acoustic I reckon – I’ve got mega beef with beautiful voices being overproduced – check out the acoustic version at the bottom first!  And follow him on Insta for lols!

I’ve been writing about music since I was 14 – as well as in my main job, being a beauty editor. Weird combo, I know, but I love both equally and they both form a huge part of who I am, so figured I’d stick the tracks I’m really digging at the mo up here. That’s it really!

First up, my babies, Avenged Sevenfold and their new single (I have loved this band since their first album and seen them a million times. So many times. Too many times.)

I fucking HATE this video though. Not into concept vids like this unless they’re REALLY lols – otherwise you wanna see the band IMHO. You can read more about the album here, in a review I did for NME.