Menstrual synching.

It’s a weird phenomena that’s gone from a dubious biological process to woman-code for ‘we’re real mates now because we surf the crimson wave AT THE SAME TIME’ to a genuine reason for pretty much everything. I bet Trump has some thoughts on it. Anyway, I guess it’s the female equivalent of touching another dude’s balls in rugby or barbecuing things together in meat-based show of harmonious male kinship. When your period syncs with another chicks, you are BLOOD sisters…

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We’re not great at calling things out in Britain. Perhaps it’s the stiff upper lip or extreme politeness, but when something uncomfortable happens, as a nation, we tend to seethe, inwardly. Sometimes you have to let things go for the sake of your sanity – as The Great British Bake Off’s 2015 winner Nadiya Hussain said of her experiences as a Muslim British-Bangladeshi woman: ‘I’ve had things thrown at me, been pushed and shoved. I expect to be verbally abused because it’s happened for years. I don’t retaliate. There’s a dignity in silence.’ But I’d argue that we’ve been quiet for long enough….

I’ve done it my entire life. I regret not being outraged at regularly being called by the name of the only other South Asian child in my year group at school. I should have challenged would-be suitors on dating websites who lauded my ‘exotic’ looks, followed by a comment about never having been with a ‘brown girl’. In my seven years as a beauty editor, at every new foundation launch, I should have objected to being told that my shade will ‘come later’, if at all. I should have said something, because when you trivialise any form of low-level racism, you make it OK for it to keep happening….

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So, I was having a friendly convo about the differences between black and white feminism (in relation to the recent marches and the picture, above) with my buddy, journalist and sex educator Alix Fox on Facebook.

It was super casual, and then Marie Claire asked for us to expand it feature because it was an exploration of the things people are thinking but aren’t saying but in a kind way. That last part is key,  we should all be helping to educate each other on what’s happening in the world and how people are feeling. Discussions are good! So, if you fancy a read, here’s the link to the original on – and here’s the article below:


ANITA: After the recent Women’s March there have been a few pictures doing the rounds – like this one where a WOC marcher holds a sign saying “Don’t forget White Women voted for Trump” while in the background three white girls with pussy hats take selfies. This picture says a lot for me, and it’s not just about the marches but a wider perspective on race and feminism right now. In my opinion, those three white women look like they’re having a bit of a crack at feminism, just for fun, so they can make themselves look good on social media. Whilst the woman of colour at the front is saying it as it truly is.

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