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Creeper – not as serious as they look….

Guys – the rock/metal/punk community is jizzing it’s collective pants over these guys. Why? Because they’re fun, experimental, concepty – fun and theatrical in the very best way. I’ve just reviewed their new record Eternity, In Your Arms and it’s SICK AF. You need to check them out – please. For me. I’ve just reviewed this for NME – and can tell you it’s all kinds of awesome.

Here’s what You Tube thinks if you don’t believe me about how rad they are:



WHY SHOULD I CLICK PLAY? Because you need goth-punk lols. You do, you know you do. And also – GOTHLYFE
SOUNDS LIKE: Gothy, punk joy. Elements of loads of bands – everyone from The Misfits through to Calabrese, Meatloaf and My Chemical Romance. Yep. For REALZ.
THE DETAILS: Their new album Eternity In Your Arms, comes out on THIS WEEK – 24th March.


New single: Black Rain:

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YASSSS. New Motionless In White single. Cannot wait for the album, and for Download. If you like Manson, or just fun goth-rock these guys are sick. That’s short and sweet, but yeah.

WHY SHOULD I CLICK PLAY? MIW are all the lols and a nice slick of goth-rock joy.
SOUNDS LIKE: Erm, Manson? I always call them Manson-lite, but that’s not super fair. They’re just goths tryna make a living.
THE DETAILS: Their new album Graveyard Shift, comes out on May 5 through Roadrunner Records.

Watch it below and pre-order Graveyard Shift here:



I love skull rings – and usually do a haul at Necromance in LA, or when I’m feeling flush Great Frog in London (there’s also one in LA) for proper heavy silver rings.  You can ALWAYS tell a Great Frog ring – the rock n roll community is united by our love for them. They’re also one of the few brands that do big skull rings in smaller ring sizes.

But check out THESE beauties from Macabre Gadgets – a Polish brand. They start at around £150 for the nicest ones. But holy fuck – the pink one has all my pastel goth love…



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When your best mate (Eloise the blonde, above left says “Dude, there’s a Satanic flea market on saturday in Bethnal Green. Loads of dead shit, you’ll love it” you know you’ve got a kindred spirit. Along we went, with another bestie Sammie (one of Melbourne’s raddest editorial make-up artists) to revel in all manner of dead stuff.

It’s an assortment of joy. From a steampunk stall, to taxidermy and weird psychedelic skull art. I picked up a book about wanking for a mate’s b’day gift (lols!) and nearly left with a tiny taxidermied bat in a coffin, but decided I needed to pare back on the old clutter. I really love bats but recently found out like 90% of them have rabies. It’s made me distrustful of them – even the dead, dried ones.

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