kendrick beauty backlash

There’s a lot of shit going down with Kendrick Lamar’s new video. A big feminist backlash against what he persumably thought was a good thing for wimmin kind everywhere!

I want to prefix this by saying I think Kendrick is – generally speaking – fucking incredible. And he’s always been vocal about issues within his own Compton community especially (and there’s a piece here explaining how he’s done loads for Black america with his music and the stuff he calls out) but part of his new video – mentioning beauty ideals – is flippant as fuck.

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New Rouge Bunny Rouge box alert! IT’S FEB (nearly…) And FEB sucks almost as much as January sucks (that’s LOADS…and my bloody birthday is in Jan so I’m allowed to say that.) But this is a wee bit of cheer.

Rouge Bunny Rouge for those who aren’t familiar, are a small brand who specialise in super beautiful, whimsical beauty products. They’re incredible quality, always finely milled and very luxurious. The name is bonkers, but I love that they do something a little bit different. I’ll say this now, the base range (ie the foundations powders etc) are TINY – so I wouldn’t even bother going down that route. You want a big foundation range to get the right undertones and shades for your skin, but the colour cosmetics are fun, and great for WOC too which is a bonus. The textures of Rouge Bunny Rouge products always remind me of Chantecaille – and for me suit WOC far better. And they’re a bit fairy-witchy-goth too (have a look at the packaging) which is always a JOY. Anyway – off on a tangent!

They’re launching a new beauty box in Feb. This is it :

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