kendrick beauty backlash

There’s a lot of shit going down with Kendrick Lamar’s new video. A big feminist backlash against what he persumably thought was a good thing for wimmin kind everywhere!

I want to prefix this by saying I think Kendrick is – generally speaking – fucking incredible. And he’s always been vocal about issues within his own Compton community especially (and there’s a piece here explaining how he’s done loads for Black america with his music and the stuff he calls out) but part of his new video – mentioning beauty ideals – is flippant as fuck.

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Menstrual synching.

It’s a weird phenomena that’s gone from a dubious biological process to woman-code for ‘we’re real mates now because we surf the crimson wave AT THE SAME TIME’ to a genuine reason for pretty much everything. I bet Trump has some thoughts on it. Anyway, I guess it’s the female equivalent of touching another dude’s balls in rugby or barbecuing things together in meat-based show of harmonious male kinship. When your period syncs with another chicks, you are BLOOD sisters…

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A new Origins range designed to protect against ‘environmental stress’. That’s stress wot the environment puts on ya!

It’s  the usual stuff – UV, pollution etc, but this range is also targets infrared rays – that’s a big buzzword in skincare right now, making this a very cool launch indeed. You can be cynical about these things – saying it’s all hogwash to sel people stuff they don’t need, but if you’re a beauty fan, a science geek or just plain want to know more, then this is a very interesting range indeed. I’m 100% the latter.

I’ve got the two core products from the range here to focus on – there’s an eye cream too…..


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I get about a couple of emails a day from people looking to break into the beauty journalism sector. It’s hard AF, but not impossible. So, this is for you guys – a guide from me and a few wicked beauty editor pals – about getting into the industry.

Much of the advice below is stuff I messed up, and I really don’t want you to do that, so learn from my mistakes!



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At Download festival last year I decided it would be mega lols to take two Cadbury Fingers – and stick them under my top lip. Hil-arious, I thought – I look like a walrus!Everyone guffawed so evidently my buffoonery must have paid off. The less funny part was being tagged on Instagram in a photo capturing that moment. Firstly, because it was shot from below, so I had about 56 double chins (that’s 112 actual chins) and secondly, because I literally saw the real me captured in one single moment. Basically, a massive goon. See…..

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