A new Origins range designed to protect against ‘environmental stress’. That’s stress wot the environment puts on ya!

It’s  the usual stuff – UV, pollution etc, but this range is also targets infrared rays – that’s a big buzzword in skincare right now, making this a very cool launch indeed. You can be cynical about these things – saying it’s all hogwash to sel people stuff they don’t need, but if you’re a beauty fan, a science geek or just plain want to know more, then this is a very interesting range indeed. I’m 100% the latter.

I’ve got the two core products from the range here to focus on – there’s an eye cream too…..


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We’re not great at calling things out in Britain. Perhaps it’s the stiff upper lip or extreme politeness, but when something uncomfortable happens, as a nation, we tend to seethe, inwardly. Sometimes you have to let things go for the sake of your sanity – as The Great British Bake Off’s 2015 winner Nadiya Hussain said of her experiences as a Muslim British-Bangladeshi woman: ‘I’ve had things thrown at me, been pushed and shoved. I expect to be verbally abused because it’s happened for years. I don’t retaliate. There’s a dignity in silence.’ But I’d argue that we’ve been quiet for long enough….

I’ve done it my entire life. I regret not being outraged at regularly being called by the name of the only other South Asian child in my year group at school. I should have challenged would-be suitors on dating websites who lauded my ‘exotic’ looks, followed by a comment about never having been with a ‘brown girl’. In my seven years as a beauty editor, at every new foundation launch, I should have objected to being told that my shade will ‘come later’, if at all. I should have said something, because when you trivialise any form of low-level racism, you make it OK for it to keep happening….

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I get about a couple of emails a day from people looking to break into the beauty journalism sector. It’s hard AF, but not impossible. So, this is for you guys – a guide from me and a few wicked beauty editor pals – about getting into the industry.

Much of the advice below is stuff I messed up, and I really don’t want you to do that, so learn from my mistakes!



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