kendrick beauty backlash

There’s a lot of shit going down with Kendrick Lamar’s new video. A big feminist backlash against what he persumably thought was a good thing for wimmin kind everywhere!

I want to prefix this by saying I think Kendrick is – generally speaking – fucking incredible. And he’s always been vocal about issues within his own Compton community especially (and there’s a piece here explaining how he’s done loads for Black america with his music and the stuff he calls out) but part of his new video – mentioning beauty ideals – is flippant as fuck.

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100 lessons in life

I need to tell you about an interesting day I had a couple of years ago. A memorable one – for the wrong reasons.

Instead of walking with my usual head bowed, listening to music, trying to concentrate on not tripping up over small children or rogue squirrels (what the fuck are those little bastards on these days? They’re so brazen) I guess you could say I’d been looking ahead. Straight forward. Head held high.

Actually, what I’d really been looking at is beards. Fit beards EVERYWHERE. The kind that frequent coffee shops in London’s Soho (ahem, Fernandez & Wells) asking about the carbon footprint of a single Ecuadorian coco bean or some other wank. But frankly, hot beards can say whatever they want – because who is listening when you’re that pretty? No one, that’s who….

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Viva Las Vegas 2013


It’s 6 shiny weeks until Viva Las Vegas – the world’s biggest rockabilly festival held in, er, Las Vegas, and I was revisiting pictures from the first time I went (2013) for style inspiration.

Viva Las Vegas is actually THE BEST thing I’ve ever been to. And even that is an understatement. It’s a 3 day party in the city of sin, with the most amazing clothes, music, cars, shopping and fun stuff to do. It’s like a hula party on crack – and I ADORE it.

Which is why it’s bizarre that I took some really goddamn awful pictures at the event. Like comedically bad. So I thought I’d share, along with explanations for my photographic decisions, which can mostly be explained by tequila. Prepare to be underwhelmed…..

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Mia Klose is a singer, songwriter, artist and stylist. I’ve known her for years and back in the day we used to tear up the streets of Camden and Soho looking like extras from a Poison video. Actually more Motley Crue… but anyway, Mia is  lovely Swedish lady that has always had her own incredible look and approach to beauty/style. She’s always given zero fucks about trends and done her own thing – and I find that an endlessly admirable quality in a human. And she’s a killer singer too! So here she is, in her own words.

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