A new Origins range designed to protect against ‘environmental stress’. That’s stress wot the environment puts on ya!

It’s  the usual stuff – UV, pollution etc, but this range is also targets infrared rays – that’s a big buzzword in skincare right now, making this a very cool launch indeed. You can be cynical about these things – saying it’s all hogwash to sel people stuff they don’t need, but if you’re a beauty fan, a science geek or just plain want to know more, then this is a very interesting range indeed. I’m 100% the latter.

I’ve got the two core products from the range here to focus on – there’s an eye cream too…..


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At Download festival last year I decided it would be mega lols to take two Cadbury Fingers – and stick them under my top lip. Hil-arious, I thought – I look like a walrus!Everyone guffawed so evidently my buffoonery must have paid off. The less funny part was being tagged on Instagram in a photo capturing that moment. Firstly, because it was shot from below, so I had about 56 double chins (that’s 112 actual chins) and secondly, because I literally saw the real me captured in one single moment. Basically, a massive goon. See…..

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SO NICE that there’s some beauty with science and fact behind it. I feel like recently – especially in skincare – there’s been a drought of this. It’s all been random Korean inspired stuff or what to me has felt like it’s designed to shift units rather than move skincare on and actually do it’s job!

So enter this guy.Well, here’s the lowdown and review of the Chanel Blue Serum – availiable NOW!


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