At Download festival last year I decided it would be mega lols to take two Cadbury Fingers – and stick them under my top lip. Hil-arious, I thought – I look like a walrus!Everyone guffawed so evidently my buffoonery must have paid off. The less funny part was being tagged on Instagram in a photo capturing that moment. Firstly, because it was shot from below, so I had about 56 double chins (that’s 112 actual chins) and secondly, because I literally saw the real me captured in one single moment. Basically, a massive goon. See…..

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Thermal cutting. Like an excellent journalist, I didn’t really know what this (or thermal scissors) properly were before I plonked down in the stylists chair, though I knew it was a bit of a New York trend last year. Anyway – here’s the lowdown on what to expect….

Well, basically, you have your hair cut with these ‘hot’ scissors – they’re the Jaguar TC ThermoCut System should you give a fuck. When your hair is cut with regular scissors that leaves the cuticle open and can lead to damage and dryness (because moisturise/pollution etc can all get into the shaft.). These thermal scissors – in theory – warm the keratin protein in the hair, which seals the ends of the hair when it’s cut and that should ward off split ends and subsequent breakage. It also traps in moisture apparently! View Post

bobbi brown pot rouge pretty powerful

Bobbi Brown’s new shade of Pot Rouge – a coral-based, mid pink. I literally LOVE this product for many many reasons. Ones that I probably shouldn’t go into in both a beauty review and a charity beauty review at that. For International Women’s Day nonetheless. Fucking hell, I’m so going to get trolled…

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So, I was having a friendly convo about the differences between black and white feminism (in relation to the recent marches and the picture, above) with my buddy, journalist and sex educator Alix Fox on Facebook.

It was super casual, and then Marie Claire asked for us to expand it feature because it was an exploration of the things people are thinking but aren’t saying but in a kind way. That last part is key,  we should all be helping to educate each other on what’s happening in the world and how people are feeling. Discussions are good! So, if you fancy a read, here’s the link to the original on – and here’s the article below:


ANITA: After the recent Women’s March there have been a few pictures doing the rounds – like this one where a WOC marcher holds a sign saying “Don’t forget White Women voted for Trump” while in the background three white girls with pussy hats take selfies. This picture says a lot for me, and it’s not just about the marches but a wider perspective on race and feminism right now. In my opinion, those three white women look like they’re having a bit of a crack at feminism, just for fun, so they can make themselves look good on social media. Whilst the woman of colour at the front is saying it as it truly is.

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New Rouge Bunny Rouge box alert! IT’S FEB (nearly…) And FEB sucks almost as much as January sucks (that’s LOADS…and my bloody birthday is in Jan so I’m allowed to say that.) But this is a wee bit of cheer.

Rouge Bunny Rouge for those who aren’t familiar, are a small brand who specialise in super beautiful, whimsical beauty products. They’re incredible quality, always finely milled and very luxurious. The name is bonkers, but I love that they do something a little bit different. I’ll say this now, the base range (ie the foundations powders etc) are TINY – so I wouldn’t even bother going down that route. You want a big foundation range to get the right undertones and shades for your skin, but the colour cosmetics are fun, and great for WOC too which is a bonus. The textures of Rouge Bunny Rouge products always remind me of Chantecaille – and for me suit WOC far better. And they’re a bit fairy-witchy-goth too (have a look at the packaging) which is always a JOY. Anyway – off on a tangent!

They’re launching a new beauty box in Feb. This is it :

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