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Here goes…

I remember getting suspended at school for a prank that went wrong (always the joker) and as I broke the news to my super academic, very well behaved parents the look on their face was worse than drop-kicking a handful of Andrex puppies. I’d disappointed them so much, that they basically just looked like parental versions of the sad emoji. And you know your parents are PISSED when they can’t even look at the offspring they’ve spawned.

That’s exactly how I feel every time I try a new eye cream that does the grand total of sweet F-A. But it’s not the brand or the cream’s fault per se. There’s just very little you can do, save lasers and filler, to radically change things in that area, from what I’ve seen as a beuaty ed and form what I’ve tried myself.  The reasons are manifold – but the skin is super thin and ages quicker than the rest of the skin on our faces, which means it’s usually the first place on our mugs to deal with the ravages of time. (Time is a dick). Different skintones tend to have different coloured circles too. And, generally speaking, if they’re darkish brown it’s usually hereditary – to do more with pigmentation, but if they’re more green/blue that’s the blood vessels underneath showing through cause by the thinning of the skin. And fine lines and puffiness can actually create little shadows which makes dark circles look worse than they actually are, so that’s something to consider too!

So what can you do? There are the lifestyle factors (don’t do too many drugs, don’t eat KFC every day, walk a bit etc) which contribute to healthy skin and a good circulation in that area. But don’t freak – we’ve all got them, and they ALWAYS look worse to you because you zone in on them automatically. But topically, using a decent eye cream can help ease the issue a little in terms of hydration (look for ones that have moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid in), speeding up circulation (ones with caffeine in) and helping to keep the skin as thick as possible (retinol, usually.)

I’ve tried a tonne, and here are my faves (my eye issues are hollowness and dark circles, FYI!)


Best for fine lines…

Merumaya Intensely Youthful Eye Cream, £25
The immediate moisturising and plumping effect of this eye cream is the best I’ve seen on the market. It uses Echium Oil, which is a plant source of Omega 3,6,9 to nourish, and puffiness and dark circles and nixed by Rhodiola Rosea, Yeast Extract and Ginseng and it is topped off with intense hydration, tightening and anti-oxidant protection. The small downside if the smell – it smells slightly animalic at first, but it wears off.


Best for dark circles…

Nip & Fab Dark Circle Fix triple Action Eye Cream, £19.99
I noticed a slight improvement in the colour of my under eye circles using this cream. It uses red algae (speeds up circulation) and peptides (promote healthy cell fucntion) to tackle the shadows and contains hydrating Shea butter. I really like the texture of it too – it’s quite thick. In fact, I liked it so much so that I used it all over my face and had the softest skin known to man/woman-kind. TRUE FUCKING STORY!


Best for bluey-circles

La Roche-Posay Redermic R Eyes Intensive Anti-Ageing Concentrate, £24.50
Retinol – a high dose of vitamin A – speeds up the production of skin cells, thickening up the skin over time. Retinol, as you may know, can irritate the skin a tad. This one is fine for sensitive skins but if you’re worried use it in the evening only.


Best corrector…
You don’t have to conceal them – hey, I’m pro-choice guys. We all get older, or we all have parts of our faces and bodies that we’ve been conditoned to dislike aesthetically. I can’t stress HOW MUCH we zone in on this shit ourselves, when actually nobody else notices or cares.

But if you do want to conceal them I’m a fan of Burberry Sheer Concealer, £26 (does a nice selection of dark-ish shades, not super dark though – down to a 4/5 on fitzpatrick scale) and Kat Von D Lock It Concealer, £24.30 (also wicked selections for all skin tones). Try a corrector underneath too –  Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Correctors, £28 are a mix of skin-brightening ingredients like Indian tree root, cordycep mushrooms and bamboo grass (sounds tropical right?) alongside colour correcting pigments to brighten underneath your eyes. Word to the wise, no correctors or concealers will look good if you don’t use an eye cream underneath – the skin needs to be moisturised otherwise anything you put on top with look gross and corpsey. FACTOID. Go one shade lighter – no more or yo’ll look live an inverse panda.

I personally now use Too Faced Born This Way Concealer, £20 (good shade selection!) or Stila Aqua Glow Concealer, £19 (I use tan – and there are two darker shades as well.) The reaosn I rate both of these is because they’re SUPER moisturising andliterally glide on – and the only ones I’ve found to do that quite so slickly.

NB: A lot of beauty ed mates of mine dig Sisley Sisleya Supremya Anti Aging Eye Serum Nuit, £175 and Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging+ Intensive Repair Eye Serum, £85 – which I also think are ACE. But obviously, fairly pricey.

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