Viva Las Vegas 16 (REVIEW)

Viva Las Vegas 2013


It’s 6 shiny weeks until Viva Las Vegas – the world’s biggest rockabilly festival held in, er, Las Vegas, and I was revisiting pictures from the first time I went (2013) for style inspiration.

Viva Las Vegas is actually THE BEST thing I’ve ever been to. And even that is an understatement. It’s a 3 day party in the city of sin, with the most amazing clothes, music, cars, shopping and fun stuff to do. It’s like a hula party on crack – and I ADORE it.

Which is why it’s bizarre that I took some really goddamn awful pictures at the event. Like comedically bad. So I thought I’d share, along with explanations for my photographic decisions, which can mostly be explained by tequila. Prepare to be underwhelmed…..


An ‘atmosphere’ shot. I’m quite famous for these pointless pictures. I think I’m trying to capture a moment, sadly what I capture is the grand total of fuck all. This was during one of the dancing competitions, as you can see.



These people were dancing in the parking lot – clearly I liked it. I took about 5 of these shots – I’ll spare you the rest though.



Random girls in pink? There is no point to this picture, at all.



Ok this makes sense – this is my friend Ree Ree in her new coat! Ain’t she cute?



This is Elle (one of my BFFs) getting a dancing lesson from an old guy. He’s enjoying it, clearly.



Does this picture need a caption?! DOES IT??!??




This is Sexy Rick – he tattooed me. He does male burlesque BTW – he’s all the lols. And we took an awkward picture to commemorate me being nearly topless is a really busy tattoo studio. (The tatt is on my ribs!)


Here is said tattoo ‘in process.’ ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET???



This guy had great hair – so I took a shit picture of him. Creepy much? (Sorry random dude.)



This is what happens when you comb out rockabilly hair  – and it’s LOLZ.




Pip brought the meat snacks! And all I gave her in return was a date stamp in her crotch.



Pip looks hot – but my eyebrows were drawn on by a very angry bird.



I really love vintage cars. That means I regularly post pictures of them but have no sense of how much they bore other people.



Three people I do not know in the pool at Viva Las Vegas. If you know why I took this – leave a comment below.



At outfit shot! Look at my jaunty little leg pose! I HATE that outfit in hindsight – but here is how it’s made:

Dress- I got this from Ebay (or it could be old Lindy Hop too?) either way, don’t buy it. It is a BORE to iron and looks shit after you’ve worn it once, which is how many times I wore it.  I’m like totally getting the hang of this fashion blogging shit hey?! Bet you’ve already put this in your ‘shopping basket’.

Bag – That sucked too. It was from Urban Outfitters – and it broke half way through this trip when I was WASTED in the Rainbow in LA. And it does NOT go with anything I’m wearing. Or anything I own in fact. You should totally buy one.

Shoes – Fendi – really old Fendi. Bought them in Foxtown is WELL worth a visit if you’re in Milan/Como. See, that was useful!

Fascinator-  it’s by Chapeau Claudette (was from her little Topshop line YEARS ago!) One of my favourite headpieces ever.



More atmosphere shots…this one clearly has an ulterior motive……wait for it….you won’t guess…



And HELLO hottie in the middle. This is why I took this picture, and it isn’t a weird thing to do. AT ALL.



Then Elle died because my picture taking was so abhorrent. Nah, don’t worry, she’s just taking a disco nap before we headed to…



The Neon Boneyard. It’s a yard of old neon signs like the name suggests. It’s sick AF, and you could expect the next photos to contain an array of insane shots of all the amazing signs….



Or you could expect this shot. And many others like it. There’s a date stamp which adds to the coolness, the colours are all bleached out and I cut loads of it off. You’re welcome, I aim to please.



Back to Viva Las Vegas and the girls are out for the night – as is my date stamp, clearly. Ree Ree on the left, Lucie Luella in the middle and Elle on the right. That’s a nice place to finish this post I feel.

Viva Las Vegas, 20, roll the fuck on. And I promise to take better pictures.

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