Mia Klose is a singer, songwriter, artist and stylist. I’ve known her for years and back in the day we used to tear up the streets of Camden and Soho looking like extras from a Poison video. Actually more Motley Crue… but anyway, Mia is  lovely Swedish lady that has always had her own incredible look and approach to beauty/style. She’s always given zero fucks about trends and done her own thing – and I find that an endlessly admirable quality in a human. And she’s a killer singer too! So here she is, in her own words.




1.What’s influenced your aesthetic the most?
“I take my inspiration from so many different sources. Living in the heart of east London makes you feel inspired and just walking down the streets is engaging – they’re filled with so many creative people. I love vintage and my all time favourite decade to draw inspiration from is the 80s and early 90s. I love red lips and big hair – that’s my signature look. I love Madonna’s early style and Desperately Seeking Susan the movie is one I can watch over and over – and just feel like dressing like the characters. I love Lita Ford’s style from her solo career days in the early 90s after she left The Runaways. Gwen Stefani is also a big inspiration too. I take inspiration from all these amazing sources and then I do whatever I feel like when I dress and do my hair and make-up that day.”


2. Where do you buy most of your clothes?
“When I’m not performing or writing music I work as a stylist mostly with vintage clothes, so I have the opportunity to find all these amazing things that I can use while on stage or for photos shoots or everyday wear in fact. I get almost all my clothes from vintage or charity shops. I like when things are original and have a history. I also customise a lot of my clothes. When it comes to customising  it’s important to use your imagination. Think outside the box – if something does not fit the way you want you can always make it fit.


You can make the most unglamorous jacket look fab with simply adding some studs or tassles. Don’t be scared to wear things in a different way from how they were meant to be worn. I have made lots of outfits using chain belts as necklaces for example, or wearing a big shirt like a dress. I think it’s a bit silly to ignore menswear too when you’re shopping, it’s all the same in the end. I always wear guys t-shirts as they fit me a lot better, and I find a lot of guys also look a lot better in “ladies” jeans. All clothes are unisex. It’s just the industry and society that likes putting a label and limits to our outfits and wardrobes.”


Bedroom 2 (1)

 Mia’s wardrobe – envy much.

3. What advice would you give to people looking to find their own sense of style or who are stuck in a rut? 
“I’d say use your creativity and that there are no rules! As long as you feel comfortable and happy about the way you dress and look, it’s all good!”


4. How long does it take to do your hair and make-up?
“On a regular day it only takes me about 10 minutes to get ready. I use a light ivory foundation and powder, some eyeliner, mascara and always red lips. I rarely leave the house without putting on my basic make up. When I have a performance or if I’m on set it would take me a lot longer . I’d layer up lots of eye shadows to create a smokey eye and lots of crimping and hairspray to make my hair big.”


5. What’s the one thing you ALWAYS take on the road with you?
“My red lipstick is very important to me. I feel naked without it. I always make sure I have at least one spare tube hidden somewhere in my suitcase in case the one in my make up bag gets lost, especially on tour!”

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