Thermal cutting. Like an excellent journalist, I didn’t really know what this (or thermal scissors) properly were before I plonked down in the stylists chair, though I knew it was a bit of a New York trend last year. Anyway – here’s the lowdown on what to expect….

Well, basically, you have your hair cut with these ‘hot’ scissors – they’re the Jaguar TC ThermoCut System should you give a fuck. When your hair is cut with regular scissors that leaves the cuticle open and can lead to damage and dryness (because moisturise/pollution etc can all get into the shaft.). These thermal scissors – in theory – warm the keratin protein in the hair, which seals the ends of the hair when it’s cut and that should ward off split ends and subsequent breakage. It also traps in moisture apparently!

The thermal scissors of joy!


Well up to 310 degrees a US website tells me which is hot AF but they can be adjusted depending on hair type by the stylist. And apparently they work best on fine frizzy hair (MINE. THAT’S MY HAIR!!!) I had a wash, and thermal cut with the lovely Josh Rees Hole at Urban Retreat and so far, it’s both a LOVELY cut and my hair does feel thicker than usual, which Josh said also happens.
HONEST THOUGHTS? So, I’ll keep you posted with what happens and if the dreaded split ends (even my effing split ends have split ends, like a pineapple stalk) and tell you if it makes a difference.
EDIT AFTER A MONTH: Yep, very few split ends – I’d defo expect to see a few by now because I heat style my hair so much.

COST? It’s expensive (see below) and a number of London salons are starting to offer it so keep your eyes peeled. If it keeps split ends away which are the DEATH of fine hair then it could be worth it!

Post-cut. Hair looks better than it usually does fo’ shiz. (My bag is SS15 Phillip Lim and coat is AW15 Gerard Darel.)


CAN I TRY IT? Yar –  Thermal Cut & Blow Dry, £300, with Josh Rees Hole at Harrods Urban Retreat

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