WHY SHOULD I CLICK PLAY? This. Voice. Dreamy AF. I’m a metalhead and still think he’s insanely talented.
SOUNDS LIKE: Ed Sheeran – and well, other male singer-songwriters. But ALL the soul.
DETAILS: He’s 22, from North London, self taught pianist/gutarist and really fun on Insta. He’s already been working with producers like Kaytranada and Wookie. Big things are coming.
WHAT ELSE: He’s better acoustic I reckon – I’ve got mega beef with beautiful voices being overproduced – check out the acoustic version at the bottom first!  And follow him on Insta for lols!

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  1. Jasmin
    6th March 2017 / 5:38 pm

    What have you done…. created a Zac Abel stalker that’s what. When can we go and see him!

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