Skull rings from Macabre Gadgets


I love skull rings – and usually do a haul at Necromance in LA, or when I’m feeling flush Great Frog in London (there’s also one in LA) for proper heavy silver rings.  You can ALWAYS tell a Great Frog ring – the rock n roll community is united by our love for them. They’re also one of the few brands that do big skull rings in smaller ring sizes.

But check out THESE beauties from Macabre Gadgets – a Polish brand. They start at around £150 for the nicest ones. But holy fuck – the pink one has all my pastel goth love…



best skull rings

                                                             Amythyst Growth Ring, £139


                                           Crystal Crown Ring, £82 (ON SALE!!)


                                   Golden mask Ring, £239 – actual superhero shit.


macabre gadgets

                                        Mayla Ring, £204. This. I want this.



Visit Macabre Gadgets and have a massive boner. All the good shit.




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