When your best mate (Eloise the blonde, above left says “Dude, there’s a Satanic flea market on saturday in Bethnal Green. Loads of dead shit, you’ll love it” you know you’ve got a kindred spirit. Along we went, with another bestie Sammie (one of Melbourne’s raddest editorial make-up artists) to revel in all manner of dead stuff.

It’s an assortment of joy. From a steampunk stall, to taxidermy and weird psychedelic skull art. I picked up a book about wanking for a mate’s b’day gift (lols!) and nearly left with a tiny taxidermied bat in a coffin, but decided I needed to pare back on the old clutter. I really love bats but recently found out like 90% of them have rabies. It’s made me distrustful of them – even the dead, dried ones.


The flyer! RAM OF DOOM.


So much art!! Literally everything a goth could want.


Also some weird shit….


I mean – skull candles. Who doesn’t need one of these!?

An overview of the gothness!

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