YES. Love a match matchy concept – and I picked on these new MAC Shadescents from a few US blogs.

Here’s the gist – they’re launching new perfumes inspired by their most iconic lipsticks – Lady Danger, Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, My Heroine, Candy Yum-Yum, Velvet Teddy and Creme d’Nude.


Lady Danger is an oriental floral – woody fragrance wild cherry notes – which makes sense when you compare it to it’s fiery orangey-red namesake. Candy Yum-Yum is a fruity, floral – with added cotton candy sweetness – and hopefully on the right side of sweet – like it’s Barbie-pink original. And My Heroine – an intense toilet shade, is full of saffron, smoke and cordovan black leather. I’m holding out for Ruby Woo (one of the best red lipstick’s ever) which promises to smell like whiffs of deep red leather. Curious. Finally,  Créme d’Nude “evokes the vibrant sexiness of naked skin” and  Velvet Teddy “calls forth wild honey and creamy musk.” Saucy!


mac shadescents

I love this idea, because I like things working together (I’m really into match lips and nails too – retro AF I know but…) and monochrome in general – so interested to see how these smell in real life. This might sound weird, but I like the idea of them perfuming the actual lipsticks too in future. And making matching blushes etc.

Launching this FRIDAY 23 NOV in Harrods and everywhere else from Dec 1st!

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