I’m pretty to lucky to know a fair amount of women who couldn’t give two fucks about what the world thinks of them, and the way they look. They march to their own beat, and do exactly as they please because that’s the only way they know how to be…

I first met the lovely Shelly d’Inferno back in London’s Crobar around 2009 through a friend. I was immediately enamoured by how bad ass she looked and her beautiful Swedish bone structure. But what really struck me wasn’t how beautiful she was, but rather how sweet (and goofy) she was. Having grown up in an alternative scene myself, I know – first hand – that there’s a whole load of people taking themselves waaay too seriously. That’s mainly in the form ‘scene queens’ (or kings) who behave like they’ve won the sodding nobel prize for Gothery. Instagram is making all that shit worse too – Seriously, it’s like Mean Girls but with bats and corpse paint. Anyway, Shelly couldn’t have been more different – and I bloody loved that about her.

Now, as an alternative model, Shelly has graced the covers of magazines like Bizarre Magazine, Skin Deep and Tattoo Italia. She runs her own clothing company and she’s part of a group of fire performers called Pyrohex (they breathe and eat fire, it’s awesome!) So here she is, in her own words (and pictures!


1. Ok, so what – or whom- inspires you beauty-wise?
“I’ve always loved Gwen Stefani because she’s always reinventing herself and Tank Girl because I love that utility look she has. But I find  inspiration from all sorts of things, it could be anything from horror films, old photos and the people I see living in London through to the way the bubbles form in a cold beer! Inspiration is all around – it’s how you interpret it.”
fearless beauty icons

2.  When did you first get into alternative culture?
“When I was 15 I started dressing a bit more oddly, I guess. It was more of a bohemian rave style back then, which is the first alt scene I got into when I was a teen. After that I tried many styles looking for what truly ‘fit’, but I realised that I could take a little bit of what I liked from ever subculture. Even today I have quite a varied style because theres just too many cool looks out there – and I want to try/experiment with them all. Growing up in Sweden, the alt scene is much smaller – it’s nothing compared to how raw and colourful the scene is in London.”
20150326_134337 20150326_134359
A little peek into Shelly’s world…

3. Talk to me about the fangs!

“I had them done years ago, but they’re my favourite body modification. I don’t think i’ll ever take them out! I had to look through thousands of dentist websites to find one who’d be willing to try and do them for me. It was quick, about 20-30 minutes of filing and shaping and it was very weird to get used to them at first. I was so scared of hitting them and breaking them the first week, but now its like they’ve been there forever, and I just do everything as I normally would. I sort of feel like I should have been born with them!”
4. Shels, what’s your signature ‘look’? 
“I don’t think I have one, ha!  A lot of people are fascinated with that aspect of my style, because I always look so different every time I’m photographed, or every time they see me. I change my hair all the time – like literally every week! I’d say my signature look is as a shapeshifter – the one thing that’s the same about me is that I’ll never look the same twice. But my tattoos always stay the same!,”
5. Finally, what would you say is your beauty mantra?
“I’d say the ultimate beauty trick is to be comfortable in yourself. Theres nothing cooler or more beautiful than a person who is happy in herself or himself – be it someone with great style  or someone who walks around in a bin bag. Know who you are and screw what anyone else thinks.”
(c/o red dragon films limited) 
Follow Shelly on Twitter/Insta as @shellydinferno, or click here (www.shellydinferno.com) for more deets! #FEARLESSBEAUTY

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