HALLOWEEN BEAUTY – either you’re all in or just stay at home ok?

Orite – what’s occuring?

I don’t want to get all preachy, but it’s a blog and that’s what this is for so I’m gonna.Lets be clear AF – Halloween is THE most wonderful time of the year. It SHOULD be a public holiday because that’s discriminatory against Goths – and what other season gives you pumpkins, scary films and Haribo Horror Mix – NONE. That’s what. Because Halloween is the best. Way better than Christmas – harsh but true (sorry to my pal Lizzie Pook who REALLY loves Christmas.)

My plea to you, is that whatever you do, please don’t be a cat. Or a pumpkin. Or a witch (unless it’s a victoriana extravaganza then that’s sweet) for All Hallows Eve.

Please don’t be anything that isn’t completely OTT or scary as shit. Why, you ask? Because. Because the gods of Halloween will SERIOUSLY come down and kick your butt if you punk out and do something lame for Halloween.

I get thet everyone still wants to be pretty. I still want to look hot on Halloween, but there’s a way to do sexy for the scariest night of the year and here it is – just add a zombie in front of ANYTHING. Zombie nurse, zombie air steward, zombie schoolgirl – and go OTT with your make-up and you can still wear next to nothing. There’s nothing hot or cool about being a sexy cat – so don’t fucking do it.

On that note, Alice Bizarre did my make-up for a few video tutorials we did together at Marie Claire.  You can do this stuff with a minimum amount of kit – so there’s no fricking excuse for shit Halloween make-up. If I see anyone with fucking drawn on whiskers you’re getting it!

And here are the tutorials – enjoy!

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